“Schneider” RING MAIN UNIT

  1. Medium Voltage Distribution
    RM6 up to 24 kV
    Gas Insulated Ring Main Unit

The RM6 can be adapted to meet all Medium Voltage power distribution needs, up to 24 kV.
The RM6 is a compact unit combining all MV functional units to enable connection, supply and protection of transformers on an open ring or radial network:

  • by a fuse-switch combination, up to 2000 kVA ;
  • by a circuit breaker with protection unit, up to 8000 kVA.
    The switchgear and busbars are enclosed in a gas-tight chamber, filled with SF6 and sealed for life.

2.) Medium Voltage Distribution
Flusarc 36
Gas-insulated switchgear
For secondary distribution up to 36 kV

Flusarc 36
Flusarc 36 is a range of SF6 gas-insulated switchgear for medium-voltage power distribution
up to 36 kV. It is designed for secondary substations on ring or radial networks of energy distrinutors and for wind-power and photovoltaic applications. Small in size, Flusarc switchgear fits easily in prefabricated substations, kiosk substations and wind towers. Featuring gas-insulated technology,
it has an extended service life and very low maintenance costs even in the harshest environment.


ตู้ MDB (Main Distribution Board)

  • MDB.1 
  • MDB.2